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Welcome to R-Quick Express

R-quick express private Limited customer Interface Logistics provider offering services that simplify the inherent complications, which are part of doing business in today's world. The company offers 360 degree B2C/B2B logistics solutions to the E- commerce, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom & Retail Industries.

RQuick strives to bridge the gap between customer expectations and service provider capabilities. The company constantly adapts to the ever changing requirements of the market thus enabling its customers to stay ahead of competition.

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Why Choose us?

Prompt Delivery

R-quick express has an excellent record of safe and on-time delivery, backed by a strong guarantee. We provide reliable and secure delivery services.


All team members of R-quick express are fully prepared, equipped and ready to make the delivery process an easy trip for you and your and your company.

Customer Focus

Our customer service representatives handle all our delivery. They’re always ready to answer any questions you might have about your delivery needs.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security of your delivery goods, will always remain our primary focus in all the policies, procedures and programs that govern our business.

Our Philosophy

We are aware that time flies, but also take pride in wielding the controls. In fact, our proven track record mirrors the fact that one of our biggest assets is time management

Needless to say RQuick has heartily absorbed the advent of E- commerce majors in the market. We are in complete sync with the quick-turn-around time in the trade & are among the market leaders in the private sector express network.

For us the promise of a delivery means making the future predictable from the time we pick up your shipment & deliver it to the other end

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